Artistic Training

« Circus and Movement Performer »

Artistic professional training leading to the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) level 5 “Circus and Movement Performer” certification



Total number of students since 1997: 153

Learn more about some of the companies created by former Arc En Cirque students ; « Cie Alta Gama », « Balañsiñ compagnie », « CirCoCo », « L’effervescente Collectif d’Artistes », « Zirkus Morsa », « Sans Concession », « Le Cirque Content Pour Peu », « 100 Racines », « Du Fil à Retordre », « Les Plaies Mobiles », « Et ta Soeur ? », « Les Petits Détournements », « Kaoukafela », « Morphales Cambrées », « Triple Croches », « Prise de Pied », « Terrain d’Entente », « Dis bonjour à la dame », « Virevolt », « Avant-Propos » …

Applicant Profile

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have already determined the circus discipline that will be used in their creative project.

No certificates or diplomas are required to enter the training programme, only strong motivation and the physical conditioning required for circus arts.

Artistic Training is open to foreign applicants who are advised to contact their local French embassy regarding residence permits (European applicants) or long-stay visas.

The programme is open to people with disabilities according to the profile and technical requirements described in the training selection criteria. For more information in this regard, please contact our disability officer at:

Aim of the Artistic Training

Students will train to become circus artists, performers and/or creators in the circuses of today and tomorrow by developing their artistic identity and earning professional “Circus and Movement Performer” certification, which is registered in the French national register of professional qualifications (RNCP).

Programme Duration, Timetable and Cost

  • 3900 hours of artistic training over three years from september to end-June/early July
  • e. 1,300 hours, of which 1,100 hours at the Centre and 200 hours in internship per year
  • 32 hours/week on average

The programme is funded by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes regional authorities.

Applicants are responsible for the annual €600 registration fee for Arc en Cirque in addition to their living expenses (accommodation, meals, healthcare, etc).

Assessment Procedure

There are several assessment phases throughout the training year: self-assessment, ongoing and technical and artistic assessments, written assignments and internship reviews (assessment by internship tutor, internship reports, etc.). Students are assessed on the presentation of their work and on their artistic projects performed on different types of stage made available to circus and performance professionals.

Teaching Resources: People, Equipment, Financial, Cultural

A team

A permanent, qualified administrative, technical and teaching team

Qualified performance facilitators


In-house venues: three training rooms, weight room, dance studio, multimedia meeting rooms, resource library, with kitchen/fridge, costume room, workshop

External venues: hangar, tents, La Palestre acrobatic sports complex

Technical and teaching equipment: aerial apparatus, juggling and balance equipment, acrobatic equipment, tooling, multimedia, sound and light booth, safety equipment and materials, make-up and costumes, educational resources, etc.

Financial partners

La Ville de Chambéry

Le Conseil Régional de Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes service formation

Le Conseil Régional de Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Rhône-Alpes service Culture

Le Ministère de la Culture DRAC de Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Le Département de Savoie

Le Fonds Social Européen

Cultural partners

Malraux Scène nationale Chambéry, l’APEJS école des musiques actuelles de savoie, Conservatoire de Chambéry, MJC Chambéry, Confluence la Motte Servolex, Espace Jean Blanc La Ravoire, La Cascade Pôle cirque…


Application Procedure

Two selection stages

  • An initial shortlist based on the application form.
  • A one-day technical and artistic audition at the Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque.

Assessment of artistic skills during a performance lasting between four and six minutes

Assessment of physical and artistic ability during movement, exploration and expression workshops

Individual interview to assess the cohesiveness and suitability of the applicant’s artistic project


Accessibility for people with disabilities

The programme is open to people with disabilities according to the profile and technical requirements described in the training selection criteria. For more information in this regard, please contact our disability officer at:


Under France’s VAE (“validation of acquired experience”) system, students can apply for full or partial “Circus and Movement Performer” certification through the ProCirk network for skills acquired through vocational experience.

For more information, please contact us at or +33 (0)4 79 60 09 20.